For integrations and farmers who want to have data available for the performance of their animals during or after the fatting period, BRIGHT Software has set up the BKI (Calves Guidance System). Through the portal, a supervisor of an integration, or a farmer can follow his animals.

The I&R Cattle programme records animal flows and makes them available in the portal. This includes the herd data, animal data, weights etc. The farmer can then also log on to the portal to view the available information. The farmer can register feed deliveries, feed consumption or feed stock per week and animal mortality by means of the weekly reports module. A supervisor can view these data to analyse and discuss during the visit.

Additional information can also be automatically linked to the portals. This concerns, for example, blood samples, slaughter information and medication use.

Different users can login to the portal, but have different rights and possibilities. Below is an overview.

Possibility for farmers

Besides entering the weekly reports, the farmer also has direct and full access to the data of the animals, feed intake, deviation from the feed curve, slaughter information, key figures, etc.

Possibility for farm guides

The farm guide or supervisor can quickly and easily see through his dashboard of all his companies which herds need attention. For example because of a high mortality percentage or because of a deviation from the feed curve, blood results, etc. The supervisor can also record visit reports and request reports across companies.

Possibility for intergrations

The integration has all the capabilities of previous users, plus management overviews. It is also possible to process the financial information into a complete technical and financial overview.


In addition to the standard BKI program, we also offer the BKI Light program. With BKI Light we offer other users the opportunity to work with the BKI program that are not connected to an integration. The BKI Light program can easily be added to an existing health registration administration or used separately in the BRIGHT-Portal.  

All possibilities that the programme has to offer, such as,  key figures reports, herd reports, planning reports, etc., are available to the farmer via BKI Light.


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