Custom PC

BRIGHT Software supplies extensive PC programs for the I&R administration and invoicing. However, it may happen that your business processes require specific functions in the software. BRIGHT Software is then the suitable partner, because we can always create custom modules with which you can expand the standard software.

As an example, you should think of a custom module with which a large pig trader can request specific overviews and reports in the Invoice program. These are made on request and give the customer more insight into the finances.

In addition to additional custom modules, BRIGHT Software also produces completely new custom software programmes. When it comes to the registration of (animal) data, BRIGHT Software is a reliable partner.

As a custom-made PC software, BRIGHT Software has developed a program for the registration of HB values in calves, as an example. After blood sampling, the animal is scanned and the values are assigned to it in the programme. This programme is tailor-made for each customer.


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