The invoice program of BRIGHT Software is specially developed for application in the agricultural sector. The program offers the possibility to make sales and purchase invoices, which is characteristic for the livestock trade.

The invoice program is largely free adjustable. This way you can determine the input screen yourself and the layout of your invoice is freely adjustable. By using different profiles per animal category, you have the possibility to use multiple layouts in your package. Furthermore, settings can be set per relation, for example price agreements between both parties or certain costs.

Created invoices are easy to send to your customers, this can be done by using Portal Mail.

With the invoice program you are able to do the following:

  • Invoicing of multiple animal types (cattle, pigs and sheep)

  • Freely adjustable settings for input screen

  • Freely adjustable layout

  • Invoices in multiple languages

  • Calculation of fees and discounts

  • Invoicing pigs with custom bases invoicing masks

  • Statistics overviews

  • Import and Export slaughter information

  • Export to Slaughter info (Portal system)

  • Connection with I&R Cattle

  • Connection with internet banking

  • Connection with bookkeeping program

  • Various import and export files


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