I&R Cattle

The identification and registration of animal flows is an obligation that you have as a livestock trader, transporter, integration or farmer. I&R Cattle is a complete program that allows you to put your administration in order according to the legal obligations.

Via the I&R Cattle you can record all animal flows. When registering animal flows you have the possibility to record detailed information such as weight, prices, gender, class, production targets etc.

Besides the registration of animal data, the program has a number of possibilities to make analyses and to export or import data.

Possibilities with the I&R Cattle program include:

  • Report animals in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany

  • Registration at group level and per individual animal

  • Combination with mobile devices

  • All EU eartags and passports are supported.

  • Complete stable registration with overview of livestock present

  • Expansion with Health Registration  

  • Freely adjustable reports

  • Exchange of data with other BRIGHT Software programs

  • Exchange of data with integrations, also via the portal

  • Support of various import and export files

  • Available in multiple languages


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