I&R Readers

When the animal registration is done by means of electronic chips, you can use I&R Readers. There are different types, BRIGHT Software offers different models that are suitable for scanning RFID. The readers can be combined with the I&R Cattle and I&R Sheep/ Goat program.

The Agrident Stick Reader can also be supplied with a mobile printer or linked to the Transport application.

Agrident stick reader AWR300

The Agrident AWR300 Stick Reader is a user-friendly and robust reader. The length of the reader offers you a lot of comfort when scanning.

Features Agrident AWR300 Stick Reader :

- Scan RFID
- Reading distance 5-25 cm
- Large display
- Signals during scanning such as, vibration, sound and light 
- Long duration of battery
- Robust device
- Bluetooth, USB, Wifi
- Storage capacity of 4GB

Agrident stick reader AWR250

The Agrident AWR250 Stick Reader is the smaller brother of the AWR300. In terms of comfort and robustness, both scanners are the same. However, there are differences, such as the AWR250 has a smaller reading distance, but the purchase price is very attractive.

Features Agrident AWR250 Stick Reader :

- Scan RFID
- Reading distance 5-20 cm
- Large display
- Signals during scanning such as sound
- Long duration of battery
- Robust device
- Bluetooth, USB
- Storage capacity of 4GB

Coppernic 2

The Coppernic 2 is the suitable model for scanning barcodes and RFID. The uniqueness of this product is that a combination of barcodes and RFID is possible. This new model uses an Android operating system.

Features Coppernic 2:

- 2D imager Honeywell barcode scanner
- Agrident RFID reader
- Wifi, GSM 4G (LTE)
- Android aperating system

The software for the readers is easy to use, self-adjustable and can communicate with the PC programs. This gives you control over the registration.

BRIGHT Software supplies handheld devices i.c.m. own software. Hardware such as PCs is not supplied by us. We can advise you on the purchase thereof.


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