I&R Sheep/Goat

BRIGHT Software has developed a separate program for the identification and registration of sheep and goats. The I&R Sheep/Goat software is a complete program you can use to register animal flows. This allows you to easily meet all legal obligations.

The advantage of I&R Sheep/Goat is that you can work in groups and can record data for each arrival or removal of animals. This give you a good overview of the animal flow at your farm. If you are working with an I&R Reader, you can also scan the animals. In addition, an extensive exchange of data with other administrations is also possible.

Possibilities with the I&R Sheep/Goat program include:

  • Report animals in the Netherlands

  • Registration at group level and per individual animal

  • Combination with an I&R Reader

  • Complete stable registration with reports of livestock present

  • Freely adjustable reports

  • Exchange of information with other BRIGHT Software programs

  • Exchange of data with integrations, also via the portal

  • Exchange of data with other software programs

  • Support of various import and export files

  • Available in multiple languages


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