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The products that BRIGHT is offering, is a wide range of software that can be used in every step of the workflow. From the registration of livestock to the bookkeeping and analysis of your corporate results, with BRIGHT you can simplify all aspects of your business. 

We offer software that is installed on your computer or server, but additionally also software that you can use online via our portal. Next to that, we also deliver applications that can be used on mobile devices like handscanners. Sometimes our customers have a challenging need, for which an application is not yet available. For this, BRIGHT is specialized in custom solutions. 




  • Health / Medicine registration

    Health / Medicine registration

    The BRIGHT Portal (internet based) also has the complete module for health / medicine registration. Access via a standard browser like IE, Chrome, Safari, etc. Registration in the farm via a handheld device, like a PDA, smartphone of tablet

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  • Use of data in the field

    Use of data in the field

    BRIGHT Software offers APPS for direct access to information in your main central BRIGHT administration system.

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