BRIGHT Software is specialized in making software. Standard applications often do not meet your specific requirements and wishes. In order to automate your specific business process, BRIGHT Software can help you with customization.

ow 'customisation' sounds like a costly solution, but BRIGHT Software can easily reduce costs because all software is built by BRIGHT Software. This keeps the lines short and allows for relatively fast development.

In order to develop customised solutions, it is important to look closely at your working method and to identify the needs you have. Through years of experience in the agriculture sector, BRIGHT Software can think along with you. By thinking that extra step ahead, we can come to a good customised solution.

The following steps are indispensable in the development of customised software:

  • Inventory

  • Project description

  • Functional design

  • Technical design

  • Go / No Go

  • Construction

  • Test

  • Acceptance

  • Delivery

  • Instruction

  • Maintenance

As this overview shows, developing applications is more than building the software. BRIGHT Software also takes care of the supervision of the project so that your wishes are translated properly. This makes BRIGHT Software a reliable partner for you.


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