Selection Box

BRIGHT Software provides software for advanced weighing and selection boxes for sheep and goats. The port systems can be connected to the PC program. In this way, the data can be registered directly.

Animals are recognised by means of electronic ear numbers. The animal is placed in the box and the electronic ear number is read automatically. The weight is then displayed on the scale. The animal number and weight are taken over in the administration. The system determines in which group the animal belongs depending on the settings. The box opens and the animal goes in the right direction.

The video below gives an impression of how the Selection Box works.

The Selection Box is the ideal total solution for the fast and accurate registration, weighing and sorting of animals. It is also to do an check on the age of the animal, or do a passport check. For this you need to scan the passport before you start using the selection or weighing system. This information can also be taken into account when deciding in which direction the animal should be sorted.

The Selection Box has the possibility to sort in three directions, mark unrecognisable animals, record additional information by means of a barcode and many more.


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