The Transport application of BRIGHT Software is suitable for the registration of animal transport. With this App you can register the animals during transport and create the right documents.


When the trader starts working with the App, the user data must be entered once. After a transport has been created, animals can be scanned or entered manually. Outside the Netherlands, passports are still used. With the Transport App you are able to scan animals and passport. This way you are able to make an overview to check if you have the right passports with the animals you have in your trailer. It is also possible to enter more animal information like date of birth, class, breed, weight, price, origin farm, destination, etc.

Besides registering, it is also possible to create a transport document. You can show these when transporting animals if necessary or send them by e-mail at the end of your transport or you can download the document to avoid duplication of work.

The Transport App can be used in combination with a scanner and also works fine on your smartphone. You can also link the application to the Invoice and/or I&R Cattle program.


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