Health registration

The health registration program of BRIGHT Software gives you the possibility to register treatments, see medication usage and the health status of your animals. The programme consists of two parts, namely the BRIGHT Portal and the Health App. Via the health App you can register all your treatments directly in the stable. After everything has been registered, communication can be established with the central system, the BRIGHT Portal.

Via the BRIGHT portal, you are able to have an overview of your present animals, medicine use and other information. Animal data is send from the I&R Cattle program to the portal. To have the right animal information in your portal system, it is important that the animal flow on your farm is well registered. All basic settings for the health registration are added in the BRIGHT Portal, these are the medicines, treatment plan, weight scale etc. Finally, all the treatments, individually or from the entire herd, are stored in the portal. Because it is an online system, you can log in to your account from any PC to have access to the administration.

It is also possible to combine the health registration program with BKI. So you have all the possibilities within the same program.


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