For whom?

BRIGHT Software is specialized in the development of software for the agricultural sector. Our customers are mainly located in the so-called agricultural periphery: they are mostly suppliers and purchasers. We have developed suitable solutions for the various customers.

Collection centres

For the veal sector, collection centres are an important part of the livestock trade. Many collection centres in the Netherlands and abroad work with BRIGHT Software, in which we are market leader.


Integrations use BRIGHT Software to keep track of what is happening on the farms. This concerns animal flows, mortality, feed consumption, feed deliveries, etc.

Livestock traders

Livestock traders cannot do without software either. BRIGHT Software offers various solutions with regard to transport registration and invoicing.


The veterinarian is also an entrepreneur within the agricultural periphery. Especially in the registration of medication and the blood measurements.


Software related to tracking and tracing is an indispensable part of slaughterhouses. We also provide software for printing labels and tags.


Next to our customers in the agricultural sector, we also develop software for ‘regular’ small and medium sized companies.

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