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As a farmer and integrator, you are obliged to register your medication use of the animals. The Health Registration Program of BRIGHT Software is developed for register your treatments of the animals and offers you various possibilities to map the health of your animals. The health registration program consists of two parts, namely the BRIGHT Portal (for the PC) and the Health App.

The BRIGHT Portal is the basis for your health program. Settings for the weight schedule, medication, treatment plan and animal data are recorded. The registration of all treatments takes place via an App, which can be used on a smartphone or tablet.

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Registration of treatments

You can select an animal by the worknumber. Then you enter a diagnosis, select the medicine and check the treatment. The dosage is automatically calculated for you, if the dosage deviates, you can change this manually.

If a treatment consists of several treatments, the program uses attentions for repeat treatments. The attention list allows you to carry out all repeat treatments at the scheduled time, so you don't forget to treat an animal.

Besides the treatment input, you also have the possibility to look back on the history of animals. Via animal control you can check for each animal whether there is history, whether the animal is still being treated or whether there are any comments. The program is designed to work quick and easy.


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