Portal Mail

With Portal Mail from BRIGHT Software you have the possibility to send messages, reports and invoices electronically from your PC program.

Your I&R Cattle or Invoice administration will be linked to your own Portal Mail account. Your own e-mail address can be used so when someone replies it will be sent to your own e-mail program. All your sent items can be viewed in the BRIGHT Portal (Inbox), by using your own login details.

Two versions are available for Portal Mail:

Version 1 - Simple

You are able to do the following for your reports/invoices:

  • display on screen

  • print it via your printer

  • send by e-mail

Version 2 - Advanced

You have all the options of version 1, with some additions:

  • sending multiple invoices by e-mail at once

  • per relation you can set whether the customer wants to receive the invoice by e-mail

  • when printing invoices, you can work with pre-printed paper, because when sending invoices electronically, a digital background is given to the invoice

You can link Portal Mail to your I&R Cattle or Invoice administration at any time. This will quickly save you the cost of stamps and paper.


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