If you are a BRIGHT Software customer, the helpdesk is always available for you during office hours.

Our office hours are from 08:30 till 17:30.

You can call the helpdesk at +31 (0)13 504 6004.

Do you want an employee to watch with you on your computer? Download TeamViewer, before calling our helpdesk, so you can immediately pass on the ID code.


For viewing on your Android smartphone or tablet you can download the Team Viewer below. Click the button below from your handheld.

Download Teamviewer Android
Download Teamviewer Android

Download Teamviewer Android (Samsung add-on)
Download Teamviewer Android
(Samsung add-on)

For Samsung devices, you must download both the Teamviewer for Android and the Teamviewer Android Samsung Add-on.

Unfortunately, we do not yet support IOS devices for which we can provide support.

We can solve most questions by telephone. It may happen that we have to look with you to find a solution. If an update is the solution, the helpdesk employee can install it remotely.


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