Scan App

Through the Scan program of BRIGHT Software you have the possibility to register your cattle and sheep/goats. The program has many options to make your work easier.

The App can be installed on the current Android devices. BRIGHT Software offers different models in terms of scanners, think of barcode scanner or RFID scanners, check out our Hardware. Furthermore, the Scan program is linked to the I&R Cattle program. Via a wireless connection you can communicate via internet (WIFI or 4G).

Animal registration via Scan

The Scan program is an extensive program with several possibilities. The working method of the program is to create a group, select company origin/destination, enter trader and then you can scan the animals. Besides scanning NL animals, the App is also suitable for all other country codes, such as DE, BE, LV, etc.

  • Register animal details:
    • - Weight
    • - Price
    • - Production target
    • - Class
    • - Date of birth
    • - Sexe
    • - Breed
  • Check on age animal
  • Connection with scale system
  • Scan passports
  • Passport check present animal
  • Sort passports

Outside the Netherlands, people still often work with passports. The Scan program has the ability to scan passports and perform a check on scanned animals, through different overviews it is easy to see which animal still lacks a passport. In addition, it is also possible to sort the passports via the program.


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