Slaughter info

Through the Slaughter info program of BRIGHT Software, you as a pig trader have the possibility to provide clear and quick feedback on slaughter data to the farmer. Farmers can log in to the Slaughter info program using their login details.

The trader receives the slaughter data from the slaughterhouse, usually on the same day. The trader can read the data directly per individual animal in the Invoice program. The trader can then make the same data immediately visible to the farmer by placing the data on the Slaughter info system.

Possibility for trader

  • immediately after logging in a dashboard screen with a total overview of all slaughters of that week

  • overview with the most important key figures

  • view the details per slaughter

  • selection per farm, department, period, chain, etc.

  • comparison with other department, company or period

Possibility for farmer

  • immediately after logging in a dashboard screen with the key figures of the last slaughter

  • detailed view per slaughter, including weight classes, etc.

  • diversified charts and tables

  • spreading graphs for e.g. weight versus fat

  • key figures overview with data per month, quarter, half year, year

  • overview of all slaughters with selection


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